green circular bioenergy 24/7 with low cost buffer storage to stabilize power networks

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Summary of the technology

It’s a well-kept secret that there is a source of green and circular energy available 24/7 providing low
cost buffer storage to stabilize electrical power grids as proven by our clients in Asia and worldwide
since 1980. This source is carbon neutral biomethane.
Today large oil & gas companies such as Shell, Eni, TotalEnergies, … as well as energy utilities invest
in biomethane though not yet in the most efficient way.
Model Engineering’s latest AD+™ circular energy converts a broad range of organic wastewaters and
waste at up to 99% efficiency and provides up to 200% capacity/throughput at up to 300% biopower
yield as compared to classic anaerobic digestion (AD) plants.
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About Model Engineering nv/sa

MODEL Engineering nv/sa (ME) develops and applies models + biotechnology + expertise to save & circulate water & energy. Our worldwide projects since 1977 include bioconverting a broad range of wastewaters and organic waste mainly from agri-food industries to green energy (up to 99% to replace fossil fuel) and to blue water for reuse.
ME provides consulting, modeling, R&D, advanced technology, process design, basic engineering and tailored key project services supported by over 45 years worldwide expertise as to ensure maximum yield and quality at the lowest operating and total costs.

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