New protein with organ-protective properties capable of reducing the size of damaged tissue by protecting against ischemia and subsequent reperfusion of the damaged area

Summary of the technology

The asset, identified in a double-blind experimental study of myocardial ischemic injury, is a truncated form DJ1∆12 of the DJ-1 protein (PARK7; Parkinson's disease protein 7). Experiments demonstrate the peptide’s ability to protect against organ damage caused by ischemia and subsequent reperfusion of the occluded artery. 

Biomedical Research Center Sant Pau (IIB)

Details of the Technology Offer

Ischemia can occur in different organs (heart, brain, liver, kidney, etc). As a case study,Ischemic Heart Disease affects around 126 million individuals (1,655 per 100,000), which is approximately 1.72% of the world’s population.

Moreover, the molecule has multiple mechanisms of action, meaning that it doesn’t have a single target. Those include the reduction of oxidative stress, mitochondrial damage, cell death and chaperone activity.

Current development status: the asset has been already testedin vivoin mice and rat models. New results are about to be published.

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Biomedical Research Center Sant Pau (IIB)

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