Microbial Strains Preservation

Summary of the technology

In addition to the isolation and cultivation of pure strains, adequate preservation is also necessary. A wide variety of techniques are available for bacteria preservation.

Microbialtec Division

Details of the Technology Offer

Due to the vast diversity of microbial life and the time-consuming nature of preservation research, preserving medically, ecologically and industrially important strains would be paramount. We have established a mature technical platform to culture and preserve various microorganisms that can be isolated from readily available sources. Our microbiologists are dedicated to developing and optimizing robust preservation methods to ensure the long-term viability of different microorganisms. If you are interested in our microbial strains preservation service, pleasecontact us for more details.

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  • Biological Sciences
  • Medicine, Human Health
  • Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
  • Biology / Biotechnology
  • Microbiology Technology

About Microbialtec Division

Creative Biogene is a high-tech service company that specializes in microbiological research related issues. Creative Biogene supplies customers with an overall microbiological research program: including sample collection, preservation methods, preliminary experiments and effect evaluation, experiments and data analysis, etc. Creative Biogene is dedicated to assisting researchers in exploring the hidden mysteries between microbes and health, production and the environment to make better use of microbial resources.

Microbialtec Division

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Microbialtec Division

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