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Creative Peptides has gained extensive experience in the synthesis, modification, and purification of peptide nucleic acids. We provide PNA monomers, which are part of PNA oligomers.

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PNA was designed and synthesized in 1991 by Nielsen et al. in the Riso lab at the University of Copenhagen using a simple computer DNA model. Synthesis of PNA starts with PNA monomers, followed by oligomerization of PNA monomers following standard peptide synthesis.

PNA replaces the sugar-phosphate backbone with a pseudo-peptide bond, retaining the original four bases. PNA is similar to DNA in morphology and spatial structure. The PNA oligomer chain has a free amino group(-NH3) at one end and a free carboxyl group(-COOH) at the other end, for the 5' and 3' ends of the DNA, respectively.

The PNA monomer has mild chemical properties, the protecting group is easy to remove during the synthesis process and can be quickly separated from the resin.

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Creative Peptides is a leading biomedical technology company located in New York. The company is committed to providing high-quality products, comprehensive services, and solutions for life science research. Creative Peptides is composed of experts in various fields of life sciences and continuously provides professional services to local, domestic and international customers.

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