Point of Use Decentralized Delivery Fresh Drinking Water Daily via Atmospheric Water Generators

Summary of the technology

Access to Fresh Drinking Water is a Right, Not a Privilege

Green Technology Global is dedicated to provisioning Point of Use Decentralized Delivery Atmospheric Water Generators that produce Fresh Drinking Water daily 100% independent of utility services or where there is no viable source of clean water due to a lack of replenishing natural water resources. GTG’s Independent Water Purity Test indicates that our quality meets or exceeds World Health Organization Standards. AWGs are particularly effective where the water is unsafe to drink from a health perspective due to pollutants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or other contaminants.

GTG manufactures an array of AWGs for both residential and industrial use ranging from 5 Gallons per day to multiples of 5,283 Gallons per day high capacity units.

Applications include Fresh Drinking Water, total household water needs & agriculture (controlled growth and pivot point).

Green Technology Global, Inc.

Details of the Technology Offer

Water from Air units are 100% independent of centralized utility freshwater services and existing water resources that may be tainted by harmful impurities, pharmaceuticals, pollutants and chemicals.

Independent Water Purity Tests indicate that fresh drinking water produced is healthy and meets or exceeds World Health Organization Standards.

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About Green Technology Global, Inc.

Manufacturer of Atmospheric Water Generator Water from Air units that produce sustainable, renewable fresh drinking water daily 100% independent of existing water resources or impacted municipal pipe infrastructure.
Manufacturer of Hydroponic Solutions scalable from 600SF to thousands of SF controlled-environment buildings.

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