Biomelanin synthesised from Fungi

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Summary of the technology

We have synthesised eumelanin from fungi at low cost. Currently cuttlefish, octopus is used for the same. Applications include UV protection and hair dye. Future potential includes fuel cell and electric car cathode

Details of the Technology Offer

Acute adverse effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in humans include sunburn, photosensitivity reactions
and immunological suppression. Chronic exposure to UV light, particularly the UVB (290-320 nm)
component of the UV radiation, and certain environmental chemicals increase the risk of nonmelanoma
skin cancer and play a major role in cutaneous aging. The lipid peroxidation (LPO) of biomembranes,
mediated by reactive oxygen species and free radicals, is one of the major causes of cellular damage
induced by UV radiation and toxins. Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C and melanins, are reactive
oxygen and radical scavengers, thereby minimizing the light- and toxin-induced tissue destruction.
Biomelanin inhibited the LPO at least as effectively as vitamin C and vitamin E. The combination of the
most effective biomelanin with both vitamin C and vitamin E resulted in greater LPO inhibition than
caused by each agent alone. Data show that biomelanins are potent inhibitors of the peroxidative
destruction of biomembranes, indicating that these compounds may be useful antioxidative agents in
cosmetic preparations.
A gram of melanin cost Rs 46,808.60 from Sigma Aldrich, Our technology and process cuts cost by 50%.
Further Large scale manufacturing can reduce cost to even lower levels opening for mass market

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