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Household machine for clothes ironing

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Summary of the technology

The machine for clothes ironing, mainly in home conditions, ensuring the possibility to iron efficiently both large and small elements of clothes, as well making easier the ironing process.

Vadim Kolyada
Vadim Kolyada
Vadim Kolyada
Vadim Kolyada
Vadim Kolyada
Vadim Kolyada

Description of the technology

The ironing machine includes a cabinet, an elastic support ironing surface made as a calender with a possibility to rotate, a heated ironing surface, connected with the mechanism of its reciprocating movement, a mechanism of the heated ironing surface clasping to the elastic support ironing surface, and foot control pedals.

The machine has also a calender rotation drive from electric motor. The cabinet is made as a chest with an unfolding front wall. The level of the calender surface is adjustable in height. The calender is placed inside the cabinet with the possibility of its pulling out and fixing in a pulled-out position. The heated ironing surface with the mechanism of its reciprocating movement is placed above the calender. The heated ironing surface can be replaced by a heated ironing surface with another ironing area.

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number : 2106446, 2139961, 2143020

Where : Russia

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

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Technology Owner

Vadim Kolyada


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