A displacement desorption process and apparatus for light olefin separation and high-purity olefin production.

Summary of the technology

The present technology relates to a process and apparatus for recovering high-purity olefin from mixed gasses containing light olefins (ethylene, propylene, etc.). Olefin is a long chain polymer synthetic-fibre created when ethylene and/or propylene gases are polymerized under specific conditions. The resultant material, olefin, has a myriad of applications in manufacturing, household products, clothing and petrochemical products including plastics and packaging. Due to the non-toxicity of olefin in water, as well as the structural stability of materials manufactured using olefin fibre, the material, in its purest form, offers numerous advantages to different sectors and in several industrial processes.

Generally, distillation techniques have been used to separate olefin/paraffin mixtures. However, significant challenges arise during these conventional distillation processes due to the small difference in boiling point between olefin and paraffin, and the subsequent requirement that distillation columns must have several distillation trays. This requirement later incurs high energy and equipment costs. In recent years, technology advancements have enabled the reduction in olefin separation costs by using a process of separating olefin by absorption as opposed to the traditional method of separation through distillation. This advanced olefin separation technology builds on the capabilities of recently developed absorption methods, through the addition of a sophisticated displacement desorption process of desorbing absorbed ethylene using a desorbent.

Light olefins production is a multi-billion-dollar commodity industry, and the olefin separation process is the most energy-intensive operation in the production of ethylene, propylene and other high-volume olefin petrochemicals. Using this patented displacement-desorption process the high energy requirement of olefin separation can be reduced, thus saving resources and improving economic efficiency.

Details of the Technology Offer

Displacement desorption process and apparatus for light olefin separation method:

The process and apparatus of this advanced olefin separation technology addresses the limitations of conventional methods of olefin separation and offers the capability for significant improvements in the economic efficiency of olefin separation procedures. This refined process includes absorbing olefin of an olefin-containing mixed gas in an absorption column packed with an absorbent selectively absorbing the olefin; followed by the discharging of gasses other than the desired olefin through the outlet of the adsorption column. Following these initial stages, a process of desorbing the adsorbed olefin, by displacement using a desorbent and separating the olefin from the desorbent, is undergone and thereby results in the production of a high-purity olefin.

The afore detailed displacement-desorption process and apparatus for light olefin separation was designed with the objective of manufacturing an olefin separation method with a high rate of recovery. This new technology minimised the loss of olefin generally incurred during the traditional conventional absorption-desorption olefin separation process. The displacement-desorption process ensures the ability for improving olefin recovery rate, during both the displacement and desorption stages, without suffering the inherent challenges frequently experienced during the absorption and rinse step of the conventional olefin separation processes. Additionally, this unique separation method minimises the loss of olefin, commonly incurred during conventional distillation and absorption processes, by implementing a sophisticated recovery process. As such both olefin yields, and economic efficiency, are improved when using this advanced separation method.

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Granted Patent

Patent number : 937635

Where : USA

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number : 2609061

Where : Europe

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