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New Energy Technologies on the Basis of Fundamental Research

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Summary of the technology

The system "Pyrolysis oven&camera smokeless universal" is used for disposal, recycling and disinfection of wood, waste processing.

FOP Azarenkov

New and innovative aspects

New Energy Technologies on the Basis of Fundamental Research.pdf [PDF]

Main advantages of its use

1. High efficiency of equipment.

2. Easy to operate the equipment.

3. The technology allows the recycling> 90% of MSW

4. The optimal combination of quality and value of the project cost, the possibility of a staged introduction of the facility into production.

5. 100% compliance with environmental standards.

6. Equipment cost is dozens times lower than bio ways of recycling.

7. Torrefied energy pellets are received as a result of technology.


New Energy Technologies on the Basis of Fundamental Research.pdf [PDF]


Operation of pyrolysis furnace is characterized by low operating costs, durability - it simply never breaks. Many samples has been operating for 10-15 years without repair. The resulting temperature in the furnace is not inferior to gas. But we get this temperature from the waste.

The furnace produces heat energy of high power. With this power you can get many kinds of products:

■ Hot water

■ Dry firewood

■ Torrefied product - fuel pellets, briquettes

■ Disposal of solid waste, liquid waste of poultry, livestock farms

■ Fertilizer - biochar

■ Polymer recycling

■ Obtaining activated carbon

■ etc., that is not included in this article.

All production sites constructed based on my pyrolysis furnace, are low in cost.

Intellectual property status

Certificate of Compliance, Application for International Patent.

Current development status

Market implementation.

Desired business relationship

Business partner needed.

Related keywords

  • Waste to Energy /Resource
  • Recycling, Recovery
  • Incineration and Pyrolysis
  • Rational use of energy
  • Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Drying
  • Materials Technology
  • Biomass and Biofuels
  • Other alternative energy
  • District heating
  • Distributed power and grid connection
  • Other energy production
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Other industrial equipment and machinery
  • Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excluding numeric control)
  • Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
  • Water, sewerage, chemical and solid waste treatment plants

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