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Treatment of water from bentonite slurry

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Summary of the technology

Why Does Water From Slurry Require Treatment?
The problem arises once the slurry is used and subjected to the separation process by applying a filter press, in order to reuse the water to generate new slurry. The water, due to the loss of quality it suffers during the construction process, interferes with the proper functioning of bentonite, forming an unstable slurry, which tends to flocculate, and thus loses the necessary properties for application.
Processing these waters entails a considerable environmental improvement, in addition to cutting operating costs by reducing water consumption and the dumping of effluent which, due to the physicochemical characteristics acquired, is not suitable for discharge under current legislation.

IMDEA Water Institute

Description of the technology


Thebentonite slurry water treatment process patented by IMDEA Agua comprises the following stages:

  • Removal of carbonates by aeration/bubbling with CO2
  • Calcium carbonate sedimentation
  • Each of these stages is designed and adapted to each situation based on the patented process.


  • Construction and civil engineering companies
  • Mining sector
  • Engineering companies

What Is Bentonite Slurry?

Bentonite slurry is used in construction and civil engineeringworks during the trench shoring(provisional containment structure) process, for its containment properties in foundation walls before the concrete sets. To this end, the slurry (bentonite suspension in water) must maintain certain rheological properties, which help support the walls during the excavating or drilling process. They also provide cooling functionsin the hydrofraisecutting head.

The slurry can be used several times, usually three cycles, after which they are renewed.

Used slurry is diverted to the treatment line, where with the help of a filter press, water is separated from the bentonite cake.

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent
2 548 426

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About IMDEA Water Institute

Research & Technology Organization from Spain

IMDEA Water, a research Institute focused on water management issues, is directed towards optimizing public and private decision-making processes, emphasizing on the link between water, public services, the economy and institutions. The scientific program of the Institute is based on the development of strategic lines for the integrated water management: management of sustainable bodies of water, quality pollution, water treatment and reuse and economic and institutional analysis.
The institute is equipped with high-level up-to-date specialized laboratories as: water, soils, geomatic, ecotoxicology and water biology labs, and pilot plants (mesocosms, microbial electrochemical technologies, land application systems and membranes technologies) for conducting the research activities.

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