Seeking for Synthetic Protein for Fast Bacterial Growth

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Desired outcome

We are seeking for an innovative solution to support the growth of difficult bacteria and mitigate the overgrowth of less demanding ones. This project aims to identify a compatible protein to be used for bacterial growth. The solution that we are seeking should be a synthetic protein or another suitable substance, or a mix of them, supporting fast growth of difficult bacteria.

Organization from European Union
Organization from European Union


Most frequently, difficult bacteria overgrowth can modify the natural condition of the microorganism environment in case of the absence of further substances that are not, at the same time, an enrichment growth supplement. A potential solution consisting of a mix of proteins that can be used for microorganism growth to guarantee bacterial/microbial stability but has enrichments is desired.

The most characterized parameters are focused on:

Establish proof of concept that the selected protein, when in aqueous solution, can address the following:

  1. Maintain the stability of clinical microbial flora;
  2. Determine the efficacy of the technology at the field scale;

We are also open to solutions that already have applications in adjacent fields that could potentially be re-applied for our purposes.


The material or blend shall be of synthetic origin (vegetable origin may be considered but is not optimal) characterized as:

  • Resistant to sterilization (gamma, X, beta rays);
  • Stable at temperatures between -20°C and 70°C;
  • Soluble in water;
  • Highly resistant to humidity (RH: 60-80%) when in dry status (powder);
  • Non-oxidizing when in contact with O2 and/or under sunlight;
  • Safe, biocompatible, and non-toxic to microorganisms of interest in the clinical, environmental, and veterinary fields;
  • Be light color and keep such characteristics at different statuses.

Past research activities:

We have previously explored a possible application of certain substances, such as: soy derivatives, derivatives of pancreatic extracts, triptose, or tryptone. Our experience from this was that these components do not guarantee microbial maintenance in an aqueous solution, and they react as an enrichment. Thus, the tests made so far do not meet our needs because these substances have a high negative impact on the outcome. One of these impacts was the color of the final product which may create problems for the market acceptance in the specific application.

Preferred Collaboration Types:

  • We are open to a range of collaboration types, but proof of concept is required.
  • The collaboration type may be a co-development agreement or in a service agreement to finalize the project.
  • In case of start-up solver, a Venturing or acceleration programs can be considered.

Rewards and Inncentives:

If one or more of the proposed compounds are found to meet the full success requirements a reward will be recognized for its creativity. The reward will consist in:

  • 25.000 Eurofor the solution selected, or
  • R&D funding to accomplish the further steps to switch from the prototype into a product.

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