Seeking 100% natural materials that are suitable to be used as infill for artificial turf sports fields

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Desired outcome

We are looking for an abundant supply of a 100% natural material where the material is able to be granulated into small granules (typically between 1-3mm) and installed in an artificial turf carpet without compromising the performance of the system as a whole. The granulation of the material can be looked at as a separate step as the focus of this call is to identify suitable post-industrial waste stream materials.

Organization from United States
Organization from United States


Infill materials are small granules (typically 1-3mm but can vary) that are installed within the polyethylene grass fiber blades of the artificial turf carpet – these infill materials provide stability/cushion for the athlete to play and fall on. The most commonly used infill material is SBR rubber however there is a segment of the market that desires 100% natural infill materials. Some of the natural materials that are used today as infill include but are not limited to coconut husk and cork.

Key Success Criteria

A minimum of ~3 million pounds of material availability annually. The material cannot prematurely degrade in an outdoor setting for ~10 years – no rotting or decay and no excessive splintering under mechanical wear.

Possible Approaches

Post-Industrial Plant-Based materials excluding nut-based products


Strong Resistance to Rot, Mold, Decay - and splintering under mechanical wear. Minimum of ~3 million pounds of material availability annually.


Sourced in North America or South America. Non-buoyant material, high resistance to compressive loads, provides some shock absorbency

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