Seeking innovative ideas to improve safety when transporting LPG

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Desired outcome

LPG is a versatile energy used mainly for cooking. It's portability allows it to be used in the most remote parts of the world providing modern energy to billions who otherwise rely on wood and charcoal. Moving LPG through the distribution chain, in cylinders and in bulk, is a risky business and incidents can occur. We are looking for ideas to reduce that risk.

We want to hear your innovative ideas to create a safer environment for transporting LPG through the distribution channel and support the already good safety record that the industry has. These ideas might include:

- The improvement of existing equipment design, or the creation of new equipment, for handling LPG cylinders, both small and large.
- The loading and unloading of bulk road tankers or railcars.
- The role of the driver of both packed and bulk vehicles and how their procedures could be made safer through driver alerts with, for example, facial recognition techniques.
- Improved scheduling, to reduce the risks of transporting LPG on the road.
- The improvement of existing, or the creation of new, handling procedures for both packed and bulk LPG.
- How the utilisation and the linking of digitilisation technology can be weaved into this innovation to make it attractive and easy to use.

World LPG Association

Details of the Innovation Need

The World LPG Challenge is a start-up competition launched by the World LPG Association (WLPGA) in 2019. The start-up Challenge is a competition designed to seek fresh solutions to industry challenges from people who work in the start-up community, outside of the LPG industry.

Traditionally the LPG industry has relied on expertise from within the industry to tackle their challenges. Many of the future challenges that the industry will face will demand new thinking from people with fresh, smart minds who are perhaps outside of the LPG industry. 

The success of the first competition in 2019 resulted in a decision by the WLPGA to run the Challenge in future as an annual event. The World LPG Challenge ’21 will continue to aim to encourage the start-up community to bring innovative solutions to help solve one of the biggest challenges facing the LPG industry.

Hosted during LPG Week, the World LPG Challenge ‘21 is a call to companies and start-ups to engage with the LPG industry in order to solve a challenge.

This competition closes in 10 days. There are some attractive cash prizes to be won. All details are here:

World LPG Challenge'21 · LPG Week

Winners will be invited to present their ideas to WLPGA members during LPG Week in Dubai 2021.

Related Keywords

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