Seeking Identification of Technologies that Drive Microbial Robustness

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Desired outcome

In recent years, traditional preservatives (i.e. formaldehyde releasers, parabens and Isothiazolinone) have been subjected to scrupulous reviews by regulatory agencies and consumer groups due to numerous publications characterizing them as carcinogens/skin sensitizers/endocrine disruptors. This has resulted in a ban of key preservatives or a significant reduction in the level of preservatives permitted in a formulation marketed in Europe which then filters to the rest of the globe. Today, more and more consumers desire products that do not contain preservatives. As a result, companies have sought to drive ‘preservation’ of the formulation in different ways other than the use of traditional preservatives.

The Procter & Gamble Company

Details of the Innovation Need

Previous searches leveraged consultancy experts to identify technologies/ materials and products to provide alternative solutions to replace Isothiazolinone preservative in consumer products. Overall, the technologies identified from the search could not be used for one or more of the following as:

i) they were not registered for consumer products use,

ii) they were too early stage (laboratory scale so not commercially available) and

iii) a significant number of natural extracts that were not of interest to either hand dish liquid or liquid laundry detergent formulations.

In hindsight P&G’s brief was ambiguous as it wasn’t clear whether we were looking for long or short-term solutions.

In 2018, the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council led a “collaborative innovation” effort across multiple firms in the preservation supply chain to jointly address this common technology challenge. P&G was part of this consortium. Several viable approaches were identified, but none were commercialized.

Technology approaches:

What we are looking for:

  • Short and Long-Term Solutions that can be used in liquid hand dish and liquid detergent product matrices:
    • Short term solution (12 months)- at a minimum on the EPA TCSA list and/or approved for use by BPR, is commercially available, can be scalable and has demonstrated function under real world conditions
    • Long term solution (current- 3 years)- does not need to be registered (it is important to call out the registration is region dependant. A chemistry registered in one region may not be registered in another region).
  • Have technical data to specify primary function suitable for hand dish or liquid laundry detergent other than microbial kill
  • Identified technologies have supported efficacy against a broad spectrum of microbes
  • Compatible with formulation parameters; pH (7.8/9), is not inactivated by surfactant type (anionic/nonionic), low odor profile, and does not greatly affect overall color, odor or viscosity profile and effective in water content that can make up 80-90% of a formulation.
  • Is cost effective
  • Has key understanding of what inactivates the chemical entity
  • Is stable over shelf life of product (minimum 2 years) and chemistry doesn’t degrade
  • Willing to explore options producing formulations with reduced water where water activity is less than

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