Seeking a stable activator for percarbonate in order to replace tetra-acetyl ethylenediammine (TAED).

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Desired outcome

We are looking for a stable activator for percarbonate bleach technology in order to replace tetra-acetyl ethylenediammine (TAED). The material is meant for use in laundry detergents in EU and must be commercially available.

Fater SpA

Details of the Innovation Need

TAED is the most common and used bleach activator for percarbonate technology. It is available from several suppliers, is relatively cheap, is well know how to stabilize it and how to incorporate it in laundry detergent formulation and last but not least performs strongly as stain remover. However, its limitations are also known: the main ones are linked to its poor dissolution profile. This is some cases makes it incompatible with certain types of fabrics, which may suffer from damages. Additionally, TEAD has limited reactivity with hydrogen peroxide at low temperatures, which makes it poorly efficient (combined with the previous issue) in short and cold washes.

What we are looking for

We would like to accomplish one of the two points below:

  1. Identify an alternative material to TAED with a better solubility profile which has a similar stain removal performance, cost and environmental profile and can work as a substitute in a laundry detergent formulation
  2. Identify an alternative grade of TAED with a significantly enhanced solubility and reactivity profile which has a similar stain removal performance, cost and environmental profile and can work as a substitute in a laundry detergent formulation

We will judge solutions in order of importance:

  1. Industrial availability in EU (REACH registration is mandatory)
  2. Cost and volumes availability
  3. Performance in stain removal
  4. Preferable more hydrophobic than TAED

Discarted solutions

What we are not interested in:

  • Different sources of bleach other than percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide (e.g. peroxiacids and persalts)
  • Chemicals which do not have a REACH registration
  • Chemicals known or anticipated to have significantly adverse environmental or human safety profile

Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
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  • Organic Chemistry
  • Consumer related
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  • taed
  • smart materials

About Fater SpA

Fater is an Italian company founded in 1958 by Francesco Angelini, since 1992 joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group. It manufactures and distributes the brand products ACE Neoblanc and Comet in 39 countries in the Western European and Central Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa markets; in Italy it has been expanding the market of personal hygiene products since the late '60 and it now produces and sells brand products such as Pampers, LINES, LINES Specialist and Tampax. Fater is a dynamic company that invests in Research & Development around 4% of its annual turnover (837 million Euros) and counts globally 1,600 employees. Consumer and market knowledge shared competences and search for efficiency are the drivers of growth in the long run. The headquarters is in Pescara; the Italian manufacturing facilities are located in Pescara and Campochiaro (CB); other plants abroad include facilities in Portugal (Porto) and Turkey (Gebze). Fater has several affiliates in Moscow, Bucharest, Istanbul and Mohammedia.

Stefano Resta

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