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Desired outcome

We are working with an established FMCG company seeking to develop an oral consumer device (in the form
of an applicator / dispenser / functional pack) to deliver an active ingredient via the mouth or lips. Oral
absorption of active ingredients offers advantages in terms of convenience, cost-effectiveness and rapid
uptake. Enzymatic degradation of the active in the gastro-intestinal tract is also avoided. To ensure sufficient
delivery of the active via the buccal mucosa, the formulation will be in the format of a viscous liquid, semi-solid
(e.g. cream, gel or paste) or soft-solid (e.g. balm) to enable it to persist in the mouth long enough for
absorption to occur and/or enable slow release of the active. Therefore, the device must be capable of
delivering at least one of these formats.

Details of the Innovation Need

The client is actively searching for companies able to supply samples or prototypes of packaging / delivery devices for application / deposition of a formulation into the mouth. The device is likely to be a handheld, low volume container (~ 10 ml) with integrated applicator / dispenser to deliver product directly into the oral cavity (e.g. a spray, pump or rollerball), although other suitable solutions would be considered. Solutions may come from different industries (e.g. cosmetic, dental, pharmaceutical, food and beverage), and can be made of any material, but must demonstrate applicability for use in the mouth. Off-the-shelf and bespoke devices are both of interest, but the ability to customise to meet the client’s specific requirements is desirable.

Device requirements:

• Suitable for application or deposition of viscous liquids, semi-solids (e.g. creams, pastes and gels) and/or soft solids (e.g. balms)

• Able to deposit / apply formulation into the mouth (preferred), or onto the lips

• Low volume containers (~ 2-10 ml) allowing repeated use (i.e. dispensing small volumes per use)

• Passive devices (i.e. not battery operated)

• Available for consumer testing within ~ 6 months

Device ‘Nice-to-haves’

• Offer novel sensory effect to users (e.g. foaming)

• Offer the potential for re-use (via the use of cartridges / refills etc.)

• Metered dosing

Partner requirements:

• Ability to supply or prototype small numbers of each device for consumer testing (1-50)

• Ability to design / supply multiple devices meeting the client’s requirements

Partner ‘Nice-to-haves’ :

• The ability to customise / re-design the devices to suit client’s specific requirements

• Capabilities to provide devices filled with a formulation (could be through a partner)

• Experience and expertise in formulating active ingredients in viscous liquid / gel or balm-based formats and/or formulating actives for oral absorption

• Experience in delivery formats for oral and/or buccal delivery

The client is looking for new device / prototype development companies and manufacturers to support their new product development work. This therefore represents an excellent business opportunity for an ongoing partnership with an established manufacturer. The client is also interested in engaging with small companies who have developed a suitable pack / device that could benefit from additional resources e.g. to support expediated scale up.

Related Keywords

  • Single Use Products and Consumer Goods
  • Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
  • Health care
  • Packaging
  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Consumer Products
  • Foodstuffs Intended For Special Nutritional Uses
  • Packing products and systems

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