Seeking a partner who has capability, capacity and product knowledge on hand hygiene products with emphasis, but not exclusive, on hand sanitizers to produce and improve holistic consumer delight of P&G’s products.

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Desired outcome

We are looking for:
A partner who has the capability, capacity and product knowledge on hand hygiene products with emphasis, but not exclusive, on hand sanitizers to produce and improve holistic consumer delight of P&G’s products. Globally relevant innovation capabilities that deliver noticeably higher performance to consumers including regulatory registered/approved formulations and claims is critical. Ability to leverage practical packaging that best meets the evolving needs of consumers. Manufacturing capabilities that enable the superior proposition to launch in market in the next 6-12 months.
The ideal proposal would include:
• North America manufacturing capability and capacity greater than 45 million bottles per year by 2022
• Global product performance/efficacy innovation pipeline with regulatory approval confirmation and timelines
• Packaging innovation pipeline including North America supplier/sourcing strategy
• Capability to launch superior product in market in 6-12 months
• The ability to meet China ‘Disinfectant’ registration criteria on using positive active list+ efficacy of ~4- 5 log kill in 60seconds across specific Bacteria, Fungi and virus strains
We are NOT interested in:
• Products that violate P&G’s Ingredient Policy or include “No-No” ingredients
• Development of New Drug Actives (Drug actives as defined by FDA).

The Procter & Gamble Company

Details of the Innovation Need


In all regions, Hand and Body Hygiene inclusive of cleansers and sanitizers, are experiencing a period of rapid expansion given the on-going public health crisis. Consumer, competitive and retailer response has signaled a paradigm shift in the category toward higher going demand and national brand presence (Safeguard, Dove, Suave, Raw Sugar, The Honest Co).

Availability proved to be key to sales growth in the first 3 months of the crisis, manufactures have responded by providing consumers more choices than ever before. Products that are gentle, high efficacy and viewed as safe are driving large consumer adoption. Education on the category is limited, but consumers are engaging at a historically high rate.

Efficacy, removal of harmful material on hands, continues to be the most important job to be done for consumers. The environment has driven consumers to look for products designed to best remove the materials they find most harmful (COVID-19, Viruses, Germs, Bacteria). The ability to communicate this product performance and mode of action capability is critical.

Benefit innovation is being introduced as a vector for growth given the consumer trade-offs for traditional hand hygiene products; skin dryness, smell, feel – especially for those consumers who need to cleanse most frequently. Increased usage frequency has amplified the awareness of these negative elements leading consumers to seek solutions in and outside the category.

The new demands bring manufacturing and technical challenges to resolve for our Global Safeguard franchise including:

  • Significant North America manufacturing capacity and capability for alcohol-based hand sanitizer products
  • Meaningful Global consumer innovation in efficacy/mode of action related to minimizing consumer concern
  • Meaningful Global consumer innovation minimizing trade-offs to using hand sanitizer on skin health or scent
  • Packaging innovation to meet new consumer habits related to hand sanitizer usage (on the go)
  • Form innovation on lotion, cream or oils with sanitization benefits

Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Consumer related
  • Consumer Products
  • Health and beautty aids, Cosmetics

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