Seeking Product Solutions that Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Desired outcome

Looking for products/devices that eliminate or meaningfully reduce particles in air preferably with product solutions that have a unique and ownable point of difference vs. today's air cleaner.

The Procter & Gamble Company

Details of the Innovation Need

Description of the need:

Products and/or Devices that improve indoor air quality by removing harmful materials and/or add things to air that improves the quality of the air. Key contaminants to remove in air include particles (e.g. PM2.5), allergens, harmful VOC’s, odors, mold, bacteria, virus, and other biologicals. Key measures would be improving indoor Air quality as measured by WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines. Applications can be for homes, businesses, cars, or even personal use on the go (e.g. masks).

What we are looking for:

  • Products/devices that eliminate or meaningfully reduce particles in air especially dust and particles leading to asthma and allergies.
  • Products/devices that can remove harmful chemicals, biologicals, and odors in air without creating harmful by-products or creating off-odors.
  • Evidence of safety and data or strong evidence to support device registrations with FIFRA or EPA
  • Products and devices with technical data that supports their benefits in real world environment. (Relevant room sizes and air exchanges).
  • Prefer product solutions that have a unique and ownable point of difference vs. today’s air cleaner. Ideally patents filed and/or soon to filed and clear freedom to practice.

Products with the following benefits:

  • Products or devices that have a disposable and/or refill/replacement item.
  • Refill is ideally less than $20 or costs no more than $5/month to operate.
  • Products/devices that cost less than $200 and less than $1/day to operate/maintain
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate as measured by AHAM methods) values greater than 70 for dust, smoke, and pollen while also having noise levels less than 45 dB at these desired CADR levels.
  • New forms of filter media that breaks paradigm of pressure drop vs. filter efficiency and/or enables good efficiency with minimal pressure drop (e.g. <4 Pa).
  • Clear or transparent filter material with low pressure drop and able to filter out 5+ micron particles.

Product Forms can include:

Plugged in devices, rechargeable devices, filters, coatings on filters, battery powered devices, coatings on surfaces, spray applied products, disposable products, durable products/devices.

What we are not interested in:

Products/devices that improve outdoor airquality

Products/Devices that don’t have a consumable

Me-too products (e.g. HEPA air cleaner) with no meaningful advantage vs. what is on market today

Products that produce Ozone or harmful VOC’s that are measurable and more than 20 ppb.

Related Keywords

  • Protecting Man and Environment
  • Environment
  • Indoor Air Pollution/Treatment
  • Clean Production / Green Technologies
  • Sensors & Wireless products
  • Sensor Technology related to measurements
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Consumer related
  • Consumer Products

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