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Seeking suppliers of crushable capsules to encapsulate a wide spectrum of hydrophobic and hydrophilic flavours

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Desired outcome

Our client is an established manufacturer of FMCG (fast moving consumer good) products
incorporating a range of flavourings (e.g. fruit, herb, botanical or synthetic versions). Flavours can
enhance the consumer enjoyment of products and manufacturers are increasingly looking for versatile
technology platforms to incorporate a variety of such ingredients into their product ranges.
Food, health or consumer products often require the encapsulation of flavours or active ingredients to
improve the stability or control the release for a specific trigger (including consumer activation). One
way these are delivered is via soft or hard capsules, and common applications include: - cosmetics;
confectionary; chewing gum; detergents; nutraceuticals, etc.

Details of the Technology Call

The client is actively seeking suppliers of crushable capsules that can encapsulate a wide spectrum of hydrophobic and hydrophilic flavours in either a single-phase solvent or in a emulsion/suspension. Potential solutions should have the following properties:-

- Food grade or pharma grade standard

- Spherical capsules with diameter of 2 - 4mm

- Rupture with pressure (e.g. when chewed or squeezed)

- Commercially available or have capability to be manufactured at production scale (multiple tons) within 12 months

- Shelf life of 12 months

- Stable under high moisture conditions.

The client requires partners who can ideally supply an existing commercial product “off the shelf”, or have a solution in development that has the capability to be manufactured at production scale in the near future. The client may require customisation of a solution, therefore manufacturers with testing and development facilities to enable product optimisation are of higher interest to the client.

The client has a number of established brands and is well placed to launch new products into their global markets. They are actively searching for new ingredient suppliers to support their product development efforts. This therefore represents an excellent business opportunity for an ongoing partnership with an established manufacturer.

Related keywords

  • Agrofood Industry
  • Technologies for the food industry
  • Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
  • Consumer Products
  • encapsulation
  • flavours

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