Seeking disruptive solutions (technologies, products and/or services) in Women's Wellness

  • The Procter & Gamble Company
  • From United States
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  • Project Size Range : 50,000 - 250,000 €
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Desired outcome

What we are looking for disruptive solutions (i.e. Technologies, Products and/or Services) in Women’s Wellness. Areas of immediate interest include the following consumer needs based categories.
1. Manage my daily fatigue over the long term so I can be productive. (Works with my body to fill in the gaps in energy.)
2. Buy me a window of energy to help me get through my daily tasks. (Flexing/adapting to the energy demand in the moment)
3. Enable me to make and stick to the good lifestyle choices. (Behavior modification to achieve restorative sleep, healthy diet and exercise.)
4. Manage my stress overload without disrupting my day to day life.
5. Reduce the feelings of worry and anxiety that happen when I’m feeling overwhelmed and that I’m in this alone.

The Procter & Gamble Company

Details of the Innovation Need

P&G is on a mission to help women (18+) optimize/enhance their health and wellness by (a) creating products that are designed specifically for women, (b) address gaps in her self-care and (c) offer meaningful difference in her life. We will start by addressing frequent, daily fatigue that negatively impacts her day, her capacity and ultimately her relationships.

Additional areas of interest include:

  • Predict when fatigue could be disruptive during her day.
  • Track progress and improvement in her fatigue over time, i.e. measurement, scale, biofeedback.
  • Unique forms and delivery systems that are 1) appealing/friendly for women, and 2) fit in her busy lifestyle.

Ideal Technology, Product and/or Services will be/include:

  • Fast moving consumable that adds unique value to the overall product/service
  • Demonstrate evidence of real efficacy (ex. Clinicals)
  • Impart no significant tradeoffs (ex. Jitters, sudden crash in energy, addiction, need for drastic lifestyle change)
  • Can be integrated into consumer’s existing habits
  • Have early proof that people want to try the solution, and those who have tried it, have liked it and want to use it again
  • Is not Rx

Related Keywords

  • Applications for Health
  • Medicine, Human Health
  • Environmental Medicine, Social Medicine, Sports Medicine
  • E-Health
  • Medical/health
  • Therapeutic
  • Therapeutic services
  • Consumer related
  • Consumer Products
  • Health and beautty aids, Cosmetics

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The Procter & Gamble Company

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