Seeking technology for controlling weeds in potato fields

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Desired outcome

- The solution should not depress crop plants in the crop rotation.
- The solution can include both mechanical processing of potato row spacing and the use of herbicides that effectively combat weeds common in the fields.
- Should work on potatoes grown under irrigation.

Qaztech Ventures
Qaztech Ventures
Qaztech Ventures
Qaztech Ventures

Details of the Innovation Need

The company is engaged in growing potatoes, with up to 20% loss (decrease) in yield annually due to the spread of the following main weeds. Solánum nígrum 5-15 plants per sq. m., Echinóchloa crus-gálli 3-10 Rast. on m, Amaranthus retroflexus 2-5 plants per sq. m, Atriplex canescens 5-10 plants per sq m, Chenopódium álbum 5-10 plants per sq. m.

At the moment, the main method of control is chemical, in particular,the herbicide Stomp 3 liter/hectare, Gezagard 3 l/h before germination, Zencor 0.7 l/h, Titus 50 g/h. When using these drugs, Solánum nígrum is not destroyed, white Atriplex canescens is destroyed only 30 %. The company is interested in finding new effective and cost-efficient solutions to mitigate (control) the spread of the above-mentioned weeds. Parameters of planting method: row spacing of 75 cm followed by combing.

Scale of the problem: all sown area 300 hectares. The crop Rotations of potatoes (P) is: P-carrot-P-carrot-cabbage-P-pair(green manure), P –onions-carrots, P-P-P pair(green manure), P- beets-onion-cabbage-P

Related Keywords

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