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Seeking technology for increasing the shelf life of carrots in industrial environment of up to 8 months

Posted by Olzhas from Qaztech VenturesVery responsive · Ready to Market Technical Innovations and Products · Project Size Range : 50,000 - 250,000 € · Deadline at 22/04/2020 · Kazakhstan

Desired outcome

Can be a game-changer technology
- The technology should work at a temperature of -1 to 2 C, humidity 95-98%.
- The technology should be non-waste, safe, not affecting the taste and color.
- Storage technology should have minimum requirements for changes in the design of the vegetable store.

Qaztech Ventures
Qaztech Ventures

Details of the Technology Call

The company is engaged in the cultivation and storage of carrots and other crops. Current shelf life of carrots in production environment is 4.5 months. Also, the carrot is susceptible to infection by diseases caused by fungi of the genus Scierotinia scierotiorum and Botrytis cinerea, which in some cases, affecting up to 30% of stored carrots. CURRENT STORAGE CONDITIONS: The company lays carrots for storage immediately after harvesting separately from other vegetables. Storage humidity 95-98%. Carrots are placed in containers (wooden with a metal frame, of volume of 350-380 kg) in 6 rows. There is active ventilation equipment and refrigeration unit. The volume of the chamber is 800 tons.

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About Qaztech Ventures

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