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Seeking technologies, products and services to provide hair-derived health knowledge

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Desired outcome

Our client is an established manufacturer of consumer-focused health and personal care products, enabling
users of all ages to improve their health and appearance directly. Consumers are increasingly seeking to
understand if their lifestyle choices are having a positive (or negative) effect on their health. Therefore, the
client is looking for ways to support this need, allowing the consumer to measure, track and most importantly,
understand their underlying health. This capability needs to be based on established (scientific) knowledge;
thus ensuring the consumer receives relevant and actionable health-related metrics and insights.

The client is continually seeking to enhance the functionality of current products, and launch new products or
services to provide consumers with a broader choice of tools to maximise their health ensuring that accurate
information is at the core of their decisions. Whilst the use of blood, urine and saliva testing is well known,
hair analysis is a less recognised technique, despite it being less invasive and providing valuable insights into
dietary and lifestyle influences.

Details of the Technology Call

Our client therefore wishes to identify and engage with potential partners who can offer technologies, products and services to provide hair-derived health knowledge:

Measurement of health related parameters in hair samples (examples of, not limited to):

- Presence of toxic substances / heavy metals from environment (inhaled or ingested)

- Presence of minerals, deficiencies and resulting imbalances

- Metabolic activity (e.g. hormones such as cortisol)

Potential solutions could include:

- Combining the science and accuracy of lab with consumer convenience at home

- Innovative B2C or B2B services for analysis of hair for consumers via testing laboratories

- Software / algorithms / expertise to analyse hair health parameters/data (e.g. effects of levels/ratios, their role, impact and how to affect change)

- Personalised report/advice, providing understanding of assessment

- Capability to turn assessment into consumer understanding (i.e. actionable insights)

- Standalone testing/feedback device/product for consumer use

- Enabling technology or capabilities:-

o sensing elements (e.g. optical) to be incorporated into device

o novel biochemical techniques (e.g. immunoassay) to extract data from hair

o solutions requiring small sample quantities (e.g. single hair, fallen hair)

o non-destructive (used in-situ) testing solutions (i.e. not require root testing or hair removal)

The client has an established brand and range of complementary products and is well placed to launch new products and services to their chosen markets. It has the ability to work with a wide variety of providers and has access to extensive resources to quickly develop new products. This provides an excellent opportunity for early-stage or established technology providers looking for new use cases for their technology. The company is actively searching for the best knowledge and enabling technologies, and so is keen to engage with companies, individuals, research organisations and universities who can offer appropriate opportunities. All potential partners should be able to demonstrate their knowledge in this sector, and have the potential for a commercial offering with application to consumers (not professionals). The client will consider all stages of development from Proof of Concept, but underlying technology should be based on established scientific knowledge.

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