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Desired outcome

I have developd a technology to solve Corrosion Under Insulation of pipe and equipment in the oil, chemical and petrochemical industry. The invention includes 3 devices to be patented and I have the basis to develop a software to apply in all piping circuits to control the problem. All these have a huge potential market worldwide. My proposal is to sign an agreement to patent and develop a market for all products and technology.


  • This technology is free to be offered right away. It has no restrictions. To start product manufacturing it can be done by contracting existing plants. An effort is required on product manufacturing and marketing strategies. The software is an application to be offered by annual contract.

Possible solution areas

  • The technology comes to stop corrosion process ocurring behind hot insulation. The system uses three devices to be installed at strategic locations according to software output. This means that one of each product could be needed, at least, every 50 meters of all existing piping.

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Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Industrial Manufacture
  • Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, PVD)
  • Industrial Products
  • Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)
  • Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

About Independent

I am a 69 years old mechanical Engineering with a MSc in Manchester University on Corrosion. I have long experience in the refining industry. I hold a US patent for a modular insulation system for Coke Drums in Delay Coking plants and have a pending patent for Inspection port for UT measurement in piping and equipment. My best research completed is the solution to CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). This problem is responsable for global expenses of billions of dollars every year.
My R&D for this problem requires patenting three devices (not file yet) to work together in the solution of the problem. I am open and seeking inventos to share these patents and technology


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