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Seeking Innovative tea brewing equipment for food outlets

Posted by Strategic Allies Ltd.Responsive · Game Changer Technologies and Ideas · Project Size Range : 50,000 - 250,000 € · Deadline at 18/01/2020 · United Kingdom

Desired outcome

We are working with a beverage company supplying the global retail and foodservice markets with a variety of
non-alcoholic, branded beverages and dispensing equipment. Specifically for tea beverages (both prepared for
hot and cold servings), the client currently provides its customers with beverage concentrates (e.g. syrups to be
diluted) that are prepared at a centralized location or provides ingredients (e.g. tea leaf) for beverage preparation
at the customer outlet. The current equipment that dispenses these branded teas for immediate consumption by
consumers are:-“- Bag in Box/Concentrate Fountain Dispenser (both aseptic and non-aseptically filled); In-Store
tea/coffee Brewer (for fresh brewed hot and/or iced serving); and Bubbler (prepared fresh at retail). Whilst the
beverages have a great taste and the flavour is consistent, which is vital for the client’s branded products, the
combined offering of equipment and beverage often lacks optimal design, superior consumer experience and
choice. Our client wishes to enhance their equipment offering by providing greater equipment options to current
and new foodservice partners, ensuring that the end consumers receive the best possible tea beverage, while
providing its partners with a differentiated solution and value as a beverage provider.

Details of the Technology Call

We are searching for next-generation tea brewing/dispensing/delivery concepts, enabling technologies and product solutions to deliver better quality and higher value tea-based beverages which could increase consumer purchasing and help win contracts of new food service customers. The client is keen to identify truly innovative drink systems and equipment suppliers who can enhance beverage quality with their dispensed equipment / technology or even suggest new processes to ensure the highest quality beverage is dispensed (i.e. equipment not already adapted for dispensing tea but could translate).

Areas of interest include (but not limited to):-

- Next generation brewing technologies to enhance beverage quality, incl. mixing/rehydration, handling, aroma, water filtration

- Personalisation/ customisation of beverage in same piece of equipment, e.g. blending flavours, choice of strengths, multiple ingredients (syrup, fruit pieces, milk, cream)

- Ability to handle multiple consumable types/flavours e.g. for different geographies, to dispense hot and/or cold, use of powders/concentrates

- Technologies to improve use of equipment for operator e.g. cleaning, increase volume, automation

- Innovative use of tea ingredients and other additives/mix-ins (such as flavour bubbles) e.g. micro-dosing, mixing/rehydration, fresh ingredients

- Technology to improve the capabilities of dispensed pre-prepared tea beverages/concentrates e.g. valve technology for dispensing higher micro sensitive products with no refrigeration

- Design upgrades to the current dispensers (e.g. bag in a box) to increase visual appeal for increased customer experience/engagement

- Consumer-friendly digital technology to enable communication/interaction or different payment solutions

- Next generation standalone tea dispenser to serve as alternative options to tea shops, incorporating any of the above specific areas of interest.

The client is not interested in single-serve or low volume (e.g. domestic) pieces of equipment to serve the consumer directly, unless they can be developed further for large scale use.

The client is an established manufacturer of beverages and can provide the experience and resources to support and/or accelerate the introduction of any technology or product into this category. They are interested in both early-stage enabling technologies and further developed emerging solutions - however, they require some tangible evidence of the technology, so at least proof-of-concept is required for this or a related application. Our client is looking to work with equipment suppliers and potential development partners and can work with them to scale up supply. They are open to consider any type of collaboration which is appropriate.

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