Seeking partners for development of Photovoltaic paint.

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Desired outcome

We are seeking partners that can contribute to the development of a Photovoltaic coating.
A partner should be able to contribute within at least one of the following areas:

Photovoltaic coating:
A coating that has photovoltaic properties and that allows the extraction of the resulting electrons. The coating might contain perovskite particles or other photocatalytic particles. The binder should be able to disperse the photocatalytic particles and should allow the extraction of the generated electricity while providing good film forming properties. The coating could be water based, solvent based or solvent-free.

Current collection:
Suitable materials for current collection from the photovoltaic coating. Solution on the position of the electrodes relative to the photovoltaic coating as well as the geometry of the electrodes is of interest.

Important criteria's for selection of the proper material includes
• The catalytic durability of the material.
• The photovoltaic paint as well as the current collectors should be easy to apply on site
• The durability when exposed to the environment.
• The chosen technology should not contain substances of concern and is a candidate for passing REACH and other equivalent regulations.

Hempel Group

Details of the Innovation Need

Photovoltaic material absorbs sunlight as a basis of energy and convertsit into electricity. This is done by photon excitation of the electron in the valence band to the conduction band. The electron and holes are collected in the form of electricity. The solar energy industry has increased significantly over the last 10 years. This has resulted in increased research and development within photovoltaic materials.

Traditionally, solar cells have been positioned on large modular panels. In contrast to solar panels, applying paint with photocatalytic properties can utilize existing building surfaces such as roof or wall panels.

With the present technology call, we areinterested in translating the solar panel concept into a coating utilizing photovoltaiccoating and conductive layers for the current collection of the electrons and holes, respectively. The technology should have a long durability, and it should be easy to apply on site. Furthermore, the technological solution should be environmentally friendly.

Evaluation Criteria for the call

Partners will be chosen from the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of their solution. Preferable a TRL of 4 or higher (Laboratory Scale Proof of concept) is expected although we can accept lower TRL's for part of the solution.

Partners that have proven solutions for the integration of the different components for combined solutions for the technology will be preferred (higher TRL).

Other requirements:

  • Team description and related experience (please update your professional and organization profile on the submission form)

Related Keywords

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  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
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