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Seeking an emulsifier which can be deactivated with a stimulus

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Desired outcome

We are looking for an emulsifier which can formulate an oil in water emulsion which upon triggering can be deactivated to lose its emulsifying properties.
Trigger may be, but is not limited to: UV or light irradiation, pH change. It may not be heat.
The desired outcome would be a product, or a technological approach which provides an emulsifier which will form an oil in water emulsion. After triggering, the emulsifier should lose all of its emulsifying properties such that the emulsion separates.

Organization from Germany

Details of the Technology Call

After the deactivation, the emulsifier should be a toxicologically innocent compound with no biological function.

Evaluation criteria are:
-Ability to emulsify oil in water
-Efficiency of the emulsifier: how much is needed per volume oil phase
-Efficiency in triggering: how long does it need to be completely deactivated


  • -Heat stable up to 80 degrees if solid.
  • -Does not need to be heat stable if liquid.

Possible solution areas

  • Refining, processing, food, extraction.

Related keywords

  • Industrial Technologies
  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Agrofood Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Food Technology
  • Consumer related
  • Industrial Products
  • Chemicals and Materials
  • Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
  • Speciality/performance chemicals
  • emulsifier

About Us

Large Enterprise from Germany

We are a FMCG company with global and multinational brands. Our business is highly R&D driven. We sell our products worldwide and target considerable market sizes with our innovations.

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