Seeking for researches and innovations for The 1st International Conference of Iranian School-Iranian Architecture

  • Leila from Yazd University
  • From Iran, Islamic Republic of
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Desired outcome

We would like to warmly invite you to submit your research article in the 1st International Conference and Exhibition of ‘Iranian School-Iranian Architecture, Provision of School Space, Equipment, and Technology’ with a focus on green schools to be held 05-07 March 2019 in Yazd, Iran. The historic city of Yazd, a city with an outstanding traditional earthen architecture was recently registered on UNESCO's World Heritage. The event is being organized by the School of Art and Architecture of Yazd University

Yazd University

Details of the Innovation Need

Types of participation:

  • Scientific manuscript: Presenting research papers
  • Designing: The design of the school spaces will be in accordance with the principles of contemporary educational spaces
  • Presentation of implemented Projects: Illustrations and posters concerning the development of educational spaces within the last five years. Priority will be given to green architecture, particularly those projects concern the development, renovation and equipping of schools in Iran.
  • Photography: Illustrations of internal and external space of schools with green architecture.

Related Keywords

  • Energy Technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Social and Economics concerns
  • Education and Training

About Yazd University

Yazd University, Yazd, Iran

Leila Moosavi

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