Seeking Smart Hospital Ward Management tools, technology and processes

Posted by Elaine from HaierResponsive · Specific Technical Innovation · Project Size Range : 250,000 - 1,000,000 € · Deadline at 21/07/2019 · China

Desired outcome

This smart hospital ward room project involves patient monitoring, medication, infusion, and safety management. We are looking for resources including but not limited to, the direction of vital signs monitoring, infusion management, medication management, and emergency management.


Details of the Technology Call

The smart hospital ward room project involves inpatient monitoring, medication, infusion, and safety management. In response to these scenarios, non-contact vital sign monitoring equipment that has been implemented are monitoring blood pressure, heartbeat, body movement, bed-out, breathing, etc., but still no patient's medication and infusion equipment available.

We are looking forward to finding resources in the direction of vital signs monitoring, infusion management, medication management, emergency management, etc. It is hoped that the mature advanced management philosophy, equipment or software platform from the developed countries will be introduced.


  • non-contact vital signs monitoring: including blood oxygen concentration, body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, bed, etc., can assist nurses to ward round and support daily patient management;
  • patient medication management: including the drugstore management of the nurse station, the patient's medicine and daily medication management, emergency equipment / drug management and other modes and equipment;
  • infusion management: mainly used for infusion management including status reminder, remaining time recording and infusion completion reminder.

Possible solution areas

  • Automatic drug delivery management philosophy with equipment;
  • Advanced first aid materials management vehicles;
  • Ward infusion management system and equipment.

Discarted solutions

  • Technologies that could violate patients’ privacy;
  • Technologies that could have negative effect on patients sleeping, daily activities and health.

Related keywords

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