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Seeking compound libraries for a high throughput screening to develop new products

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Desired outcome

The company is interested in library partners for rapid compound screening for it's new highly-flexible high throughput experimentation laboratory. This laboratory is designed with a plug-and-play concept, which allows quick integration of specialized workstations to automate each specific workflow. Now the company is looking for compound libraries as basis for a high throughput screening to develop new products for their businesses. For this purpose, they are seeking both synthetic and natural molecule collections and is open to partners from any country.

While the company itself is interested to exploit the results of the screening a variety of cooperation is possible. Research cooperation agreements with research organizations might yield into publications or consequent R&D contracts. Technical cooperation with large libraries might help the libraries to describe their portfolio much more in detail or exclusively sell library components to the company. Depending on the development stage of the library compounds licensing compounds to the company might be an option. Depending on joint interests and capacities joint venture might be a way to further develop usability of compounds.

Organization from Switzerland

Details of the Technology Call

The company is only interested in compound libraries that are available for high throughput screening studies. The company is not interested in natural or artificial polymers. Thecompound libraries should be sizeable and available for demonstration.

Related keywords

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
  • Biobased chemical building blocks
  • Biobased high-performance materials
  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
  • Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals
  • Industrial chemicals
  • high throughput screening
  • screening
  • compounds

About Us

Large Enterprise from Switzerland

We are a world leader company in performance chemicals with operations in over 50 countries.

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