Seeking for how to improve long-steel products

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Desired outcome

Celsa Group is among top 4 long-steel producers. The steel industry is one of the oldest industries and quite conservative. Our main products are rebars and beams have been the same for quite a while, and we are looking for how can we improve them. It can be an improvement of the material itself, to make it more light for example, or any special coating the will generate added value.

Possible solution areas

  • Rebars and beam used in construction industry

Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Industrial Products

About Celsa Group

CELSA Group is a multinational group of steel companies with HQ in Barcelona and steel mills, rolling mills, processing plants and distribution and recycling companies in Spain, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, the UK, Poland, and Sweden.
CELSA is currently among the top 30 steel producers worldwide and the top 4 steel long products producers in the European Union.
CELSA manufactures steels recycling scrap metal, thereby contributing to the conservation of the environment and natural resources. More than ten million tonnes of scrap metal are recycled annually. Recycling a single steel can saves enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for almost 4 years.
CELSA mainly produces long products that are used in construction so there is a tight connection to construction industry conditions and behaviors.
Steelmaking is the second largest industry in the world after oil and gas and one of the oldest industries, so as you might have guessed, is quite conservative. But being old doesn't mean being marginalized, steel is used in almost every industry, including energy, construction and housing (the largest consumer of steel), automotive and transportation, infrastructure, packing, and machinery. Steel is the main material used in delivering renewable energy like solar, hydro, and wind power.

Celsa Group

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