Seeking European partners to develop novel gas sensing applications

Posted by Juli from GCCIRResponsive · Partners for Consortium · Funding Available : € 500.000
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· Deadline at 01/11/2018 · Canada

Desired outcome

As a participant of the upcoming symposium “GCCIR Matchmaking Symposium” organized by the GCCIR and Innoget next 19 November 2018 in Barcelona (Spain), the company Boreal Laser is seeking for European partners to meet at the Barcelona event to jointly develop R&D projects.

Boreal Laser is specifically interested in finding a partner to jointly develop the following gas sensing applications:

I. Monitoring stack and duct emissions, e.g. for the ceramics industry
II. Safety perimeter monitoring, e.g. for H2S emissions
III. Measuring greenhouse gas emissions
IV. UAV gas sensing
V. Mid-infrared gas sensing

In case you are interested in meeting Boreal Laser at the Barcelona event to discuss a potential collaboration, please register for free to the symposium through the orange button provided above.

Details of the Technology Call

Boreal Laser was founded as a defense contractor in the early 199’s. The company has manufactured and sold trace gas sensors for industrial and environmental applications since 2000.

Boreal Laser provides laser gas detection solutions for environmental, process monitoring, and safety applications. The company’s systems monitor optical absorption of trace gases present in the laser beam and use this absorption to determine the concentration of these gases. Once application of Boreal Laser systems is Greenhouse and atmospheric fugitive emission measurements.

Laser systems are combined with beam scanners and stationed downwind of emitting sources such as leaky gas processing facilities or agricultural sites. Another application is line-of-sight safety perimeter monitoring of toxic and explosive facilities within refineries, chemical plants, and petrochemical processing facilities.

Boreal Laser systems are used for in-situ cross-duct and extractive monitoring of atmospheric emissions and process gas streams. Boreal Laser manufactures mobile gas sensors for use on UAVs, helicopters and ground vehicles for applications such as pipeline leak detection. The company exports most of its production and has currently sold gas sensing systems to 49 countries.

Boreal Laser is currently developing mid-infrared laser trace gas sensing systems. These sensors enable non-contact sensitive detection of gaseous pollutants such as Acrolein. The company is also developing miniature technology for mobile and point gas sensing applications.

In line with the scope of the project, Boreal Laser’s objective is to find a partner interested in collaborating with the company to develop the following gas sensing applications:

I. Monitoring stack and duct emissions, e.g. for the ceramics industry
II. Safety perimeter monitoring, e.g. for H2S emissions
III. Measuring greenhouse gas emissions
IV. UAV gas sensing
V. Mid-infrared gas sensing

Preferences / Requirements for Potential European Partner(s)

The following are the important aspects Boreal Laser is looking for a European partner company:

• The company would prefer a partner interested in either industrial gas sensing or atmospheric monitoring

Related keywords

  • Environmental and Biometrics Sensors, Actuators
  • Construction maintenance and monitoring methods & equipment
  • Ceramic Materials and Powders
  • Materials Handling Technology (solids, fluids, gases)
  • Air pollution control for cars and transport
  • Sensors for cars and transport
  • Sensors & Wireless products
  • Measurements and Standards
  • Measurement Tools
  • Chemical material testing
  • Sensor Technology related to measurements
  • Protecting Man and Environment
  • Safety
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Protection against intoxication
  • Environment
  • Measurement and Detection of Pollution
  • Remote sensing technology
  • Other scanning related (including optical mark sensing and image processing)
  • Other measuring devices (including ifrared gas analysers, moisture analysers)
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Chemicals and materials related to Oil and Gas
  • Metering and monitoring
  • Ceramics
  • Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
  • Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment


Public Agency from Canada

The German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research (GCCIR) is a multilateral initiative for the development of German-Canadian, and more broadly European-Canadian, research and business relations. It is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is located in the TEC Edmonton Business Incubator. The Centre provides support for the exchange of information, development of networks, and the establishment and cultivation of collaborative partnerships in academia, business, and industry.

The GCCIR, along with Innoget, is the co-organizer of the GCCIR Matchmaking Symposium in Barcelona, to be held on November 19, 2018 in Barcelona (Spain). With the support of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of Catalonia, the symposium is a unique opportunity for all Spanish organizations to connect with Albertan partners to jointly develop R&D projects eligible to receive funding under the Alberta-Europe Technology Collaboration Fund as well as other funding programs to be presented during the event.

From the Alberta side, roughly 15 to 20 Albertan SMEs (small-to-medium sized enterprises) will participate in the symposium for the purpose of meeting potential R&D partners based in Spain. Furthermore, during the event, the German-Canadian Centre for Research (GCCIR), the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and ACCIÓ will present the available funding programs that both Spanish and Albertan partners could apply to fund the resulting projects related to the industrial sectors below:

Nanotechnology // Geospatial // Drones // Cleantech // Health and e-Health // ICT // IOT // Materials // Energy

Boreal Laser is seeking European partners to develop novel gas sensing applications to meet at the Barcelona event to develop a jointly funded collaboration project. Apply now!

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