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Seeking alcohol soluble materials to prevent fabric textile staining

Posted by Anonymous OrganizationResponsive · Specific Technical Innovation · Project Size Range : Strategic project backed by large scale funding € · Deadline at 26/09/2018 · European Union

Desired outcome

We are looking for raw materials to prevent or reduce fabric textile staining that is caused by alcohol-based cosmetic products. The material must be soluble in or to be incorporated into an 50% alcoholic formulation.

Organization from European Union

Details of the Technology Call

Our ethanolic solutions contain compounds which upon complexation with metal ions (Cu2+ and Fe3+) become insoluble and coloured. We seek solutions which either prevent the deposition of dissolved substances in our ethanolic solutions onto textiles. Or alternatively chelate the ions present in water, thus preventing the formation of complexes with our products in the textile fibers.

Technical requirements

  • The raw material should be incorporated into a 50% alcoholic cosmetic formulation.
  • If the solution is organic-based it should be environmentally non-persistent.
  • The material shouldn´t contain microplastics and/or nanoparticles.

Possible solution areas

  • Complexing agents
  • Anti-deposition agents
  • Film formers
  • Other solutions are also highly welcome.

Related keywords

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About Us

Large Enterprise from European Union

We are a consumer products company with global and multinational brands. Our skin care and personal care business is highly R&D driven. We sell our products worldwide and target considerable market sizes with our innovations.

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