Seeking for a method to remove sodium and trapped water from residual fuel oil

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Desired outcome

We are looking for residues from renewable sources to formulate cleaner fuel oils. However, incorporating these bio-based residues is often challenging and some properties must be improved to meet the strict comercial specifications of the final fuel oil.
Concretely, we are looking for a method to remove contaminants from a bio-based residue (fuel oil), so it could be incorporated in a fossil fuel oil blending . Contaminants to be removed are metals (alkaline and alkaline-earth, mainly sodium and calcium) and trapped water.

Details of the Innovation Need

Details of the call:

The residual fuel oil come from biomass processing.

Main properties of the fuel oil are:

- High acidity (Total Acid Number aprox. 60 - 70)

- Density similar to water: aprox. 980 kg/m3

- Viscosity: aprox. 400 cP at 50ºC

- Na content: 500 - 1000 ppmw; Ca content: 50 - 100 ppmw. Total ash content: 2000 - 3000 ppmw

- Boiling range: from 350ºC to 600 ºC

Technical specifications: the objective for the treated fuel oil should be to decrease sodium (ideally below 100 ppm) and ash content (ideally below 0,1%wt).

Evaluation Criteria:

Solutions provided must be ready to be applied commercially (high Technology Readinness Level 7-9)

The volume of product to be treated is several thousand of metric tonnes of residual fuel oil per year.

Solutions should require minimum inversion (CAPEX). Cost of treatment should be lower than 15 €/TM

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