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Seeking for technology of super intensive cultivation of white-legged shrimps in salted water

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Desired outcome

In the modern practice of industrial shrimp cultivation in open lagoons in Southeast Asia there is a number of significant issues. These include the need to introduce modern water treatment systems, to enhance the biological safety of lagoons and prevent shrimp diseases. Other issues are energy-efficient aeration systems, circulation systems and wastewater treatment.
The Vietnamese company aims to launch and then scale up the innovative business in the super-intensive cultivation of white leg shrimps (Litopenaeus vannamei / Penaeus vannamei) in saline water: a mixture of sea and fresh water.
Super-intensive shrimp cultivation includes planting density of more than 200-250 pieces of shrimp per square meter or more. Thus, the main issue is the solution of such problems as biosafety and water treatment.
In the process of cultivation, a closed cycle of water exchange or total absence of water exchange should be provided. We are interested in technologies of water preparation and treatment, waste processing and other elements of shrimp cultivation technology without the use of harmful chemicals.
The company is interested in cooperation with partners that could supply technology and equipment, as well as technical assistance at the stage of launching shrimp production and the the stage of enterprise's reaching the required capacity.
The company is going to start up a business on the south coast of Vietnam.

Details of the Technology Call

The company is looking for innovative solutions for close-cycle water treatment or solutions for no water circulation with water purification directly in cultivation ponds without the use of chemicals.
The advantage of these methods should be that they are integrated into one technological complex, which can then be used for business growth.

The partner should have a complex technology for growing shrimps, which would allow to arrange super-intensive production of white leg shrimp to be bio- and energy-efficient.

The sizes of ponds for cultivation of shrimp are approximately: 1500 - 2000 sq m.

Depth of water in lagoon is about 1 -1.5 m.

Type of cultivated shrimp: white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei / Penaeus vannamei).

Water in the lagoon: salt water: a mixture of sea and fresh water.

It is necessary to consider the climatic conditions of the southeast coast of Vietnam.

It is necessary to purify water at the entrance to the system and at the outlet from the ponds of cultivation, with the removal of ammonia, ammonium and its derivatives. A waste management system is also required.

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