Bionorth – Northem Israel Life Science and Biotechnology Network
Region: Israel
A Northern Cluster for Biotechnology Industries’ has been initiated by the S. Neaman Institute in order to promote collaboration between northern biotechnological companies and academic researchers. The rational for that initiative was twofold: (i) research in biotechnology is being conducted all over the world in clusters and (ii) biotechnology and biomedical engineering have become the fastest growing industrial sectors worldwide, and are reshaping science, especially in the life, medical, food and agricultural sciences. In order to promote the initiative, the S. Neaman Institute has held meeting of leading scientists and representatives from the biotechnological companies in this area. As a consequence Bionorth Website has been established, pooling the contributions of six different organizations: The Haifa Economic Corporation Ltd, The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Rambam Health Care Campus and S. Neaman Institute for National Policy Research This website is a first step towards establishing  "A Northern Cluster for Biotechnologies". This website is designed to become a locus for the "Interactive Live Networking" of all parties involved in the fields of biotechnology in the north of Israel. Its aim is to promote communication and synergism among its participants, thereby encouraging development in the biotechnological sciences and contributing to the economy in the north of  Israel. Within the framework of BioNorth, a series of focused symposia and workshops on specific topics of mutual interest in the area of Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Biomedical Technologies are being coducted
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