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Public University with 527 full time teachers, recognized by the national system of researchers (S.N.I.), with a large contribution from documents of scientific divulgation in diverse areas of knowledge and presentation of patent documents, which occupies the third place in the ranking of universities in Mexico with the largest number of patent applications
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Electronics, IT and TelecommsEnergy TechnologyAgrofood IndustryMedical Health related
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Technology Transfer Office

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The cosmic piano is an electronic system designed for detecting and transforming the paths of the cosmic rays into different hearing frequencies and light flashes. The invention comprises a block for discriminating and conditioning the signal detected by the photomultipliers, as well as a storing, c[…]

A device for quantifying particles, which is characterised in that it comprises: a) an electronic system of signals produced by detectors reacting to transiting subatomic particles that are electrically charged and generate negative pulses, b) four detectors for fixing the discrimination voltage lev[…]

The present invention provides a photovoltaic cell of high solar concentration, as well as a system for generating energy from the solar concentration. The cell consists in a power transistor of the MJ15023 type, a ring-shaped aluminum base, a glass bell, a rubber ring for sealing purposes and an al[…]

The present invention includes a bacterial formulation that contains 6 different bacterial strains: Azospirillum brasilense Sp7, Burkholderia unamae MTI641, Pseudomonas putida KT2440, Sphingomonas sp. OF 178, Gluconoacetobacter diazotrophicus PAI 5 and Bradyrhizobium sp. MS22, able to promote the gr[…]

The present invention provides a process for detecting nudity in digital images, applied to the filtration of digital images with pornographic content in the Internet and digital images with pornographic content in standard computer equipments. This process applies techniques of the digital image pr[…]

A vestibular prosthesis includes micro-electric-mechanical (MEMS) sensors, gyroscopes in each sensitivity axis (X, Y, Z), accelerometers in each sensitivity axis (X, Y, Z) to detect an angular and linear movement providing displacement measurements, gyroscopes in each one of the spatial axes (X, Y, […]

The present invention is related to a superficial emitter of electrons which emits electrons from a micrometric Graphene arrangement over silicon carbide. The emitter consists in a plurality of SiC barriers which are highly close and similar and which axes are parallel therebetween, formed by self-a[…]

The dimerization or polymerization reaction of pyridinic alcohols is carried out in order to produce novel products. The process is carried out in the absence or presence of some solvent, during the process of the current invention, temperature may be or may be not used as catalyst, in the process o[…]

In the present, a procedure of obtaining adsorbent from a waste material and its use are disclosed. This invention provides a natural waste material, specifically avocado seed, its preparation and use for the filling of columns used in the elimination of contaminants present in wastewater. The parti[…]

The present invention refers to a process for performing transesterification reactions, mainly for obtaining alkyl ester from fatty acids and/or glycerine, more particularly for producing biodisel, which comprises the following stages: reaction of animal fats and/or vegetable oils either pure or use[…]

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