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Past innovation events 2016

World Innovation Convention, Berlin (Germany)

06 - 09 December, 2016

Berlin, Germany

06 - 09 December, 2016.  Platform for Innovation Leaders Our continuous journey for 7 years in search for excellence has turned our platform for innovation leaders into the highly acclaimed and hugely popular conferences globally; it has become the industry reference in delivering practical and actionable insights. The inherent value of a WIC comes from the chance to meet and greet directly with businesses who have delivered a long and sustained record for innovation throughout their history. From MasterCard to McLaren, Coca Cola to IBM, Sony Music to Philips. Giants of industry and ingenuity shall be on hand to showcase how they use their long term and solid platform for growth to propel their brands into the future. Alongside this, the WIC shall also feature OI Engine by IDEO, Lego, UNICEF, Tom Tom, Vodafone, and numerous other brands who will detail their experiences of  navigating in the future, and their aspirations and plans for  growth in a new era of fast changing technology. In sum, the WIC is an investment in interaction and close engagement with innovators and industry leaders from within Europe and around the world. Format is diverse and engaging with lots of interactive sessions.   Thought provoking keynotes by industry leaders Industry sessions delivering in-depth intelligence Story telling Digital transformation Play session to trigger creativity Workshop certification   Innoget users can benefit from 10% discount using the voucher code innoworld16   Further details about the WIC can be found []

Inventours, New York (United States)

11 - 15 July, 2016

11 - 15 July, 2016.For new product execs, 5 days meeting New York's most brilliant innovators in their offices, studios, labs for ideas to improve new product development. Each program includes product design, food, fashion, technology, retail, hospitality, architecture. Debriefs for individual corporate application.In each exhilarating, inspiring week, we meet with innovation leaders in tech, digital, product design, food, fashion, retail, hospitality and architecture, in their workshops, studios, offices and labs in cities like Copenhagen, Paris and New York.  Participants discover firsthand, new innovation strategies and techniques, and see how the mental and physical environments the innovators have created, enable them to think “out of the box”. Inventours™ 5-day international program attendees are heads of R&D, Innovation and Marketing in tech, food, fashion, pharma, tourism, cosmetics, hospitality, and automotive. Taking new product and creative execs out of their categories and countries to see how breakthrough thinkers innovate across industries around the world, yields insights for improving their own innovation methods. Inventours programs challenge the mistaken notion that fun can’t be hugely productive. These thoughtfully designed, highly exciting experiences can actually generate greater productivity. While the usual day to day work of execs can make many feel they’re moving their businesses ahead, getting out of the office and witnessing the work environments, product development processes and in-market execution of highly creative, successful and diverse global practitioners can inspire new insights and reverse the rut of “same old” thinking.

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