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Join the upcoming innovation event "FT Innovation Dialogue 4 - Customer-centric Innovation" held in London, United Kingdom by Financial Times Live.

Our 4th Innovation Dialogue will take a practical look at how corporates are redesigning their innovation processes to bring customer intelligence from the outside, in.

Customer-centric innovation turns traditional innovation models inside-out. Conventionally, ideas are sought inside a company with the product and service innovations they produce delivered to customers outside the company.

Customer-centric innovation, conversely, takes some of this process outside, by collaborating with consumers in the external environment and spaces they inhabit and then bringing their ideas back in.

It’s not a new concept, but as businesses move from a transactional to experiential mindset to stay in tune with evolving consumer expectations, it is an increasingly popular one. It means lots more winning ideas, engenders brand loyalty, creates a sense of community, and reduces the risk of new products and services failing to thrive in the marketplace because they are not really what consumers want.


  • 18 September, 2018


IET London: Savoy Place, Savoy Place, London, United Kingdom

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