Event description

This Global Biomarker Summit will address the latest trends, and challenges in Biomarker Discovery to development, Translational Biomarker research to Commercialization of Biomarkers. Major sessions of this Biomarkers Conference will focus on Biomarker discovery & validation, Next-generation Sequencing (NGS), Biomarkers evaluation, Biomarkers in disease diagnosis & prognosis, Commercialization of Biomarkers, Biomarker approval, Biomarkers in Clinical Trials, Biomarkers in Drug Discovery, Functional genomics and cytogenetic biomarkers, techniques to maximize biomarker identification, biomarkers applications in Nanoscience, challenges of clinical translation, Companion Diagnostics, Reimbursement policy in Biomarker research, Cell-free Biomarkers in Disease diagnosis & prognosis, etc.

THEME: Challenges and opportunities in incorporating Biomarker research

The biomarker 2023 conference will enable the holistic scientific approach to validate the existing and development of novel biomarkers to understand diseases and diagnosis better. The past six conference series of biomarkers meetings have grounded the best possible researchers in the field of biomarkers from diverse scientific disciplines, and so will be upcoming.

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