• Fall 2021 - Berkeley Innovation Forum

  • Event organized by Berkeley Hass
  • 06 - 07 October, 2021
  • Online
  • Open Innovation Events Event
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Event description

The Berkeley Innovation Forum is a membership organization hosted by Dr. Henry Chesbrough, Faculty Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation. Professor Chesbrough has become a world renowned authority on the topic of open innovation, a term that he is credited with inventing. BIF is an exclusive membership group consisting of carefully selected corporate Directors from non-competing firms who are deeply involved in managing innovation within their company. The forum provides its members an ongoing window on innovation challenges confronting companies around the world, and gathers members together to share their experiences in dealing with these challenges. We also incorporate recent innovation research, from UC Berkeley and other universities. We keep the size of the membership limited in order to promote greater exchange of viewpoints.

  • Topics

  • Agrofood industry
  • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
  • Energy
  • Industrial manufacturing and materials transport
  • Social and economic concerns
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals