• Event organized by Marcus Evans
  • 22 - 24 November, 2021
  • Berlin
  • Innovation Events Event
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Event description

Maximize value-creation and R&D return on investment in a post-Covid, digital and highly competitive environment


Under the accelerating effect of the pandemic, various industries need to improve their speed and scale of R&D to avoid increasing risks and take advantage of bigger opportunities. R&D plays a critical role in a crisis and only those companies who can react quickly and adapt to a changing environment and changing consumer trends will come out stronger.

This cross-industry marcus evans conference will provide real life case studies of how companies have successfully achieved innovation of their products and services by transforming the way their Research and Development process is carried out. Instead of just focusing on the technicalities of developing a product, we are looking at the business-related angle of this and how one can orchestrate this long and complicated process. We will assess the prerequisites of bringing the right product to the market at the right time. Overall, delegates will be provided with practical examples of how top businesses have succeeded in creating the most commercially successful products.


Build the right digital and business capabilities & initiate the right innovation projects - Marcus Evans

  • Topics

  • Biological sciences
  • Consumer related
  • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
  • Industrial manufacturing and materials transport
  • Physical and exact sciences
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals