• 3rd Asian Public Mental Health Congress

  • Event organized by Plenareno
  • 09 - 10 December, 2022
  • Bali, Indonesia
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Event description

3rd Asian Public Mental Health Congress pertains to Psychiatry and Mental Health Disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, behavioral disorders, post-traumatic, seasonal depression, persistent depressive disorder, stress and understanding the effective diagnosis & treatment to identify and help to facilitate the recovery of someone suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Target Audience:

Clinical Psychologists
Mental Health Professionals
Academicians and Researchers
Counselors and Social Workers
Healthcare Professionals in the Behavioral Sciences

Conference Central Topics:

Neurology and Mental Health
Stroke and Neurological Disorders
Human Resilience
Epilepsy and Brain Disorder
Addiction and Mental Health
Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Womens Mental Health
Mental Disorders and Mental Illness
Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment
Global Epidemiology of Mental Illness

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