Description of the event

Chemistry Virtual 2020 acts as a information transmit stage of extremely rationalized and appropriate information to a wide viewers in Vaccines and related specialists in the field through keynote, oral, poster presentations, workshops, symposia and exhibitions. Scheduled during August 20-21, 2020 with the theme 'To innovate and integrate advances in Chemistry.' Scientific Sessions: Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry And Drug Discovery Nanoscience & Materials Chemistry Structural Chemistry: Computational And Experimental Studies Of Chemical And Biological Systems Chemical Engineering Future Scope Of Chemistry Catalysis And Reaction Engineering Biochemistry Organometallic Chemistry Electrochemistry Environmental & Green Chemistry Forensic And Clinical Chemistry Marine And Geo Chemistry Industrial Chemistry Nutrition & Food Chemistry Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Petrochemistry Physical Chemistry & Theoretical Chemistry Polymer Chemistry Natural Products Chemistry Emerging Technology On Supramolecular And Surface Chemistry Chemistry Of Transition Elements Challenges And Opportunities In CADD Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pure & Applied Chemistry Nuclear And Radio Chemistry Agricultural Chemistry Synthetic Chemistry Chemistry In Clinical Research Technological Advancement In Organic Synthesis Keywords: TAGS Chemistry Virtual 2020, Chemistry Webinars, International Chemistry Virtual Events, Chemistry Online Meetings, World Chemistry Webinars, Chemistry Virtual Meetings, Chemistry Virtual Events, Chemical Engineering Webinars, Chemistry Online Events, Chemistry Events


  • 20 August, 2020
  • until
  • 21 August, 2020



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