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The BioProduction agenda features 5 concurrent streams of content covering the entire spectrum of biopharmaceutical development and production.  Your main conference pass allows you to attend any sessions across all 5 streams, providing you with a customisable learning experience.

Upstream Processing & Cell Culture

Optimise speed, titres and quality through process intensification, media development, real time monitoring, application of machine learning and process modelling.

Manufacturing Strategy, Technology and Smart Factories

Apply digital technologies, AI, and machine learning to create smarter and more flexible facilities.

Downstream Processing

Utilise novel approaches and technologies to enable efficient next generation downstream processes.

Microbial Manufacturing

Adapt manufacturing strategies for next generation biologics through the application of yeast and E. coli expression systems.

Bioanalytical & Formulation

Enhance bioanalytical development and achieve a high quality product using optimal analytical strategies and formulation whilst reducing timelines.

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