Description of the event

Clinical and Early Stage CAR T Cell and Gene Therapy Advances
  • Push the boundaries of CD19 with solid tumours, combination therapies and safety switches
  • Transition technologies from bench to bedside: CRISPR, Exosomes and more..
  • Understand how to build a sustainable process early on for optimum clinical translation
Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing
  • Build a strategy for monitoring quality across your process with PAT and automated analytics
  • Get to grips with technologies and novel platforms for efficient upstream and downstream processes
  • Simplify manufacturing automation and prepare for commercialization
Cell & Gene Therapy Commercialization
  • Work towards industry 4.0 – integrating manufacturing and delivery into healthcare
  • Optimise the way you work with external partners to drive commercialization
  • Ensure profitability with forward thinking in facility design and scalability strategies
Supply Chain Barriers: Upstream and Downstream Considerations
  • Improve confidence in your raw material supply chain – vectors, risk mitigation and more
  • Stay up to date on cryo considerations when moving from clinical to commercial phase manufacturing
  • Prepare for successful delivery to patients & supply chain scale up
Cell and Gene Therapy Connect – Partnering Track
  • Keep abreast of the evolving landscape of cell and gene therapies
  • Tackle collaboration – new outsourcing models, when to make the decision to ‘spin out’ and more
  • Dive into pharmacoeconomic approaches to reimbursement
Bio fabrication – The Path to Commercialization: With ARMI
  •  Benefit from peer experience with automated manufacturing for Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs)
  • Reduce COGS with modular processes & tools for manufacturing TEMPs at scale
  • Be a part of the burgeoning supply chain for Tissue Engineered Medical Products industry


  • 21 September, 2020
  • until
  • 24 September, 2020


Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), Boston, MA

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