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EIT Digital offers an EU-state financed complimentary service in which we pre-select promising enterprise-tech solutions out of the mass of new (often failing) startup innovations.

I advise corporate decision-makers on disruptive technology innovations to improve business. With a team of 40+ consultants, our mission is to "Grow a Strong Digital EU!" by enabling B2B innovations to contribute to corporate success.
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Jorian Bos
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Research areas of interest (50)

  • Semiconductors Technology
  • Coatings
  • Air pollution control for cars and transport
  • Care, Hygiene, Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Solid biomass
  • and 45 more

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The subject of the offer is biotization technology for the ecological production of strawberry and American blueberry. The inoculum includes strains of microorganisms selected during multi-stage studies. Media for the cultivation of the most effective strains, media for inoculated plants and inoculu[…]

The subjest of this offer is a technology for obtaining common ash seedlings by indirect adventitious organogenesis. This method omits the stage of forming and development of the somatic embryo, and thus significantly reduces the number of passages and expensive components of culture media. Plant re[…]

The subject of the offer is technology of vinyl monomers block polymerization in a specialized reactor to produce polymer scintillators. Application: as main part of scanners used for computer tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)[…]

Novel HT-IRS 01 reactor, with unique characteristics, is dedicated to working in a transmission mode of optical spectroscopy (for example IR spectroscopy). It may be easily combined with mass spectroscopy or gas chromatography.[…]

The subject of the offer is an injectable, hydrogel hybrid material that can be used to construct a bioactive cell scaffold of a minimal invasivity. This scaffold may be located in place of a bone defect thus enabling reconstruction of bone tissue. Application: in tissue engineering for the reconstr[…]

In vitro culture medium for cells, tissues, and organs of amphibians

The subject of the offer is a specialized medium for the in vitro culture of cells, tissues, and organs of amphibians. Thanks to the unique composition of active substances and refined their concentrations to the requirements of amphibian cells, the use of medium enables long-term culture as well as[…]

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are multipotent precursor cells with the unique capacity to self-renew, proliferation and transformation into specialized cells present in many body tissues, such as muscle, adipose tissue, fibroblasts, cartilage, tendons, and nervous tissue. They are also characterized[…]

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