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Licensing Manager at Universidad de Granada

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All parameters included in the model, except TOC, are easy to measure continuously, in situ. Meanwhile, there are commercial devices that allow continuous measurement of TOC.

Unlike the majority of known methods, in the present invention uses data obtained from samples that are available in the distribution network, not the water source. In addition, obtaining the data necessary to achieve adequate precision in the prediction would not result in additional cost and that water services are required to measure them by legislation (Directive 98/83/EC). As an example, the main parameters (TOC, CRC, T, pH, B and C) using the method as explanatory variables must be controlled according to European standards.

In practice, this method is implemented in an apparatus or device comprising means for measurement of the variables used for estimation, means for processing the values measured by said device and calculations determined by the method, and data output means providing the prediction of the likelihood of presence of trihalomethanes.

Using the method described in the present invention can detect points in the network with difficulties. Once you have evidence of the risk of presence of THMs can be performed and analysis. Al sampling campaigns begin to detect the presence of THMs risk you can take certain measures in the supply system leading to reduction of its presence. By using the proposed method or device may register ahead of trends that allow the real presence of excessive amounts of THMs.

This method is primarily focused on the use of water services that manage the network in low, reaching the user, but not the high network, mainly transporting large volumes, or the collection and treatment of water at source. For them it is for the most useful method, allowing them to predict the formation of THMs, before they reach values allowed by law. After that warning, it may take measures to solve the problem at source from the source of water, or water treatment plant.

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