Beata Strach

Technology Transfer Officer at Jagiellonian University

Poland · KrakówJoined April 2022


I am responsible for promoting inventions created in medical, pharmaceutical, biological and biotechnological science from Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

Research areas of interest (3)

  • Biological Sciences
  • Genetic Engineering / Molecular Biology
  • Medical Health related

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The subject of the offer is a new technology using the thiocarboxylated Urm1 or any other thiocarboxylated protein for persulfidation/thiolation of target proteins that are prone to oxidation, as well as to covalently conjugate to proteins.[…]

The subject of the offer is the device and the method for simultaneous assessment of red blood cells (RBCs) deformability and determination of the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) released as a result of induced RBCs deformation.[…]

The subject of the offer is a potential method of removing cells (decellularization) from adipose tissue as well as obtained in this way preparation, especially in the form of extracellular matrix (adipoECM) for application in medicine, especially in plastic surgery.[…]

The subject of the offer is a new medical device intended for a wide range of applications in the reconstruction of the conductive apparatus of the middle ear ossicles. Application: implantation to replace damaged or destroyed elements in the middle ear's conducting chain[…]

The subjest of this offer is a new method enabling the acquisition of mixoxanthophylls preparations of high purity from dye extracts from cells of Arthrospira platensis or other species cyanobacteria, regardless of the method used extraction techniques. Application: for use in the pharmaceutical ind[…]

The offered material is based on ZnO nanoparticles, modified with biocompatible polymer – chitosan. The material is characterized by high absorption properties of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Also, high antibacterial activity against resistant bacterial strains and the absence of cytotoxic […]

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