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The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia represents one of the very first fruits of the new scientific policy of the government of Catalonia (Spain) aimed at creating new research centres in strategic areas. ICIQ, in particular, has been created with the ambition of becoming a reference for chemistry in the European Research Space.

Our society faces important challenges in the XXI century, among which health and environmental concerns are of outmost importance. Chemistry will play an essential role in both of these challenges. To succeed, our increasingly knowledge-based economy will require a solid and strong chemical industry; currently 150.000 jobs in Catalonia (and more than 2 million in the EU) directly arise from the chemical industry. In order for this industry to be successful in the future, it must take a sustainable approach based on the rational use of feed-stocks and raw materials. For this, fundamental chemical research needs to be funded and novel approaches into transforming matter must be developed.

We at ICIQ consider that catalysis is the key activity for sustainable chemistry. Catalytic processes can minimize raw materials and energy consumption, and can lead to the selective formation of target products with minimal generation of wastes. In line with this consideration, we have taken catalysis as one of our main research topics.

Complementary to our research focus, attention has been paid to the development of a simple and efficient organizational model for ICIQ, able to overcome known difficulties normally associated with larger and more traditional research institutions. The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia aims at bridging the gap between academic research and industry, focusing its research on catalytic chemical processes for applications in health, energy and sustainability.

At ICIQ, we consider that patents are highly efficient, safe and solid tools to provide protection from competitors. This is why we file patents for our in-house developed-technologies: to give our co-development projects with industry a strong starting IP position. As a research centre our goal is always to co-develop our technology adapting it to the industrial partner’s specific needs and ultimately transfer the technology to this company, with a flexible licensing strategy adapted to each case.
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Adipic acid is mainly used industrially in the production of nylon 6,6. The offered technology consists in a nickel catalyzed process of carboxylation of butadiene. The developed process allows preparing adipic acid from carbon dioxide and 1,3-butadiene through a cost effective and competitive proce[…]

We are seeking licensees for the manufacture and commercialization of market-ready photoreactors with full control on temperature and light intensity. The developed photoreactors comprise several reaction spaces in order to allow parallel experimentation and reaction optimization.[…]

We have developped a photocatalyst system able to promote the reduction of carbonyl groups to hydroxy groups using water as hydrogen source under light irradiation. The method features an exquisite selectivity and mildness of conditions, making it suitable for highly functionalized substrates.[…]

A new synthetic method to access precursors of linear polyacenes has been developed. The method allows for the preparation of hydrogenated polyacenes which are readily converted into the corresponding polyacene. Prepared materials are useful starting materials in the preparation of organic field eff[…]

A convergent process for the preparation of terminal carboxylic acids by carboxylation of mixtures of bromoalkenes or mixtures of olefins has been developed. The process is catalytic in nickel and allows preparing a unique product from a mixture of starting materials (regioconvergent process), which[…]

Crysforma provides complete scientific support for the discovery, analysis and scale-up of polymorphs, hydrates, amorphous phases, salts and co-crystals of active pharmaceutical ingredients or intermediates. Crysforma has developed its own crystallization screening methodology based on the combinati[…]

ERTFLOW is a technology development unit from the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), generated by the know-how produced by the research group of Prof. Miquel Pericàs, to develop and implement technical solutions in process intensification. Our goal is to develop propietary techno[…]

The platform allows for accurate measurement of the enzymatic activity thanks to the presence of an optical signal that remains unchanged during digestion and serves as a ruler to which modifications of another signal, affected by enzymatic activity, is compared. The platform can be used in small de[…]

- clean production of trifluromethylcopper reagent - process works at room temperature and atmospheric pressure - inexpensive and abundant trifluoromethyl source - environmentally friendly process - low-cost reagents - valorization of fluoroform: a by-product of PTFE production - Versatile reagent a[…]

The trifluoromethyl copper derivative useful in trifluoromethylation reactions is prepared at room temperature from readily available and cheap reagents and in high yield, i.e. without the formation of side-products associated to the fast decomposition of the trifluoromethyl anion, that usually form[…]

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